pack and unpack domain files in distributed WebLogic domain

The blog discuss about the technical approach on distributing domain files among distributed WebLogic domain infrastructure , means where multiple machines are installed with same WebLogic version installation but have to share the same domain to be used in distributed infrastructure.  Lets consider we have 2 machine mach1 and mach2 installed with WebLogic Server.  Machine1 […]

weblogic domain error Malformed argument has embedded quote

The below error encountered when try to create the integrated weblogic domain in Jdeveloper ” Malformed argument has embedded quote”  , “java.io.IOException: Cannot run program “cmd.exe” “C:\oraclesoabpm\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd” “C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system12.\o.j2ee.adrs\BuildDefaultDomain1.py””Cannot run program “cmd.exe” (in directory “C:\oraclesoabpm\oracle_common\common\bin”): Malformed argument has embedded quote: “C:\oraclesoabpm\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd” “C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system12.\o.j2ee.adrs\BuildDefaultDomain1.py”java.io.IOException: Cannot run program “cmd.exe” (in directory “C:\oraclesoabpm\oracle_common\common\bin”): Malformed argument has embedded quote: “C:\oraclesoabpm\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd” […]

ADRS_DOMAIN_PASSWORD error during Integrated Weblogic Domain creation

When tried to create the Integrated Weblogic Domain in JDeveloper , the below error encountered . This error occurs as Weblogic Jython libraries do not recognize the operating system.  Error: ADRS_DOMAIN_PASSWORD environment variable not set The below given steps can be performed to resolve the error. Option 1:  Apply the Patch 22138883 as per the […]

Oracle Weblogic : Tuning options for Database Source connections

Web Logic Server provides the capability of connecting to databases using Data Sources. Through Data Sources Web Logic provides the data access and database connection management activities. The created Data Source in Web Logic Server contains the connection pool of database connections for providing connections at run time to perform database operations. The database operation could […]

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