Oracle provides Oracle Fusion Middleware Software Product which includes Web Logic Server, SOA Server and Oracle Application Development Framework(ADF) .  The Oracle ADF allows developers to build web-based applications, mobile based applications, integrated web services developed using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) . 

Oracle ADF provides declarative framework which means that developers are provided with Application Wizard which helps them in reducing their overall development effort. 

How Oracle ADF is different from Oracle OAF ? 

Oracle OAF stands for Oracle Application Framework which was initially developed to integrate custom functionality in Oracle EBS R12 using OAF. OAF was tightly binded with Oracle EBS R12 and had limitation in considering it as independent web based application framework

Oracle ADF Oracle OAF
Oracle ADF is based on J2EE FrameworkOracle ADF is based on Oracle EBS R12 Framework
Oracle ADF application are executed on Weblogic ServerOracle ADF application are executed on OC4J Server (Oracle Container for Java)
Oracle ADF support Fusion applications Oracle OAF Supports Oracle EBS Application
Oracle ADF provides declarative framework which gives application wizard Oracle OAF does not support declarative framework
Oracle ADF reduces overall development effortMore development effort is required

Oracle ADF Business Components 

Oracle ADF 12c Create Business Component

Oracle ADF 12c Edit View Object Attribute Name

Oracle ADF 12c Set Entity Object as Read Only

Oracle ADF Web.xml Configurations

Oracle ADF 12c Web.xml Configuration for ADF Web Application

Oracle ADF 12c Enable FRAME_BUSTING to avoid clickjacking

Oracle ADF 12c Redirection on Session Expiry Exception

Oracle ADF 12c Mapping for Weblogic Server Clustered Environment

Oracle ADF 12c Caching Rules for images

Oracle ADF 12c Mime Type Mapping in web.xml for Images and JavaScript

Oracle ADF 12c Client Authentication Mapping in Web.xml

Oracle ADF Component Examples

Oracle ADF 12c Disable ALL option from Select Components

Oracle ADF 12c Line Graph Component Example

Oracle ADF 12c Adding StyleClass for af:selectOneChoice Component

Oracle ADF 12c Passing Value to af:commandLink and af:setActionListener

Oracle ADF 12c Map Output Text Value from Property Bundle

Oracle ADF 12c Set Multiple Row Selection in af:table

Oracle ADF 12c Disable Table Event Policy to restrict immediate validation

Oracle ADF Backing Bean Example

Oracle ADF 12c Method Call on ADF Faces Page Load

Oracle ADF 12c Set Backing Bean Value from Property Bundle

Oracle ADF 12c Browser User Agent Value in ADF Faces

Oracle ADF Issues

Oracle ADF 12c Error Broken Pipe Issue

Oracle ADF 12c Error ADF_FACES-30107 – view state of the page has expired

Oracle ADF 12c Error – oracle.jbo.domain.Number cannot be cast to java.lang.String

Oracle ADF12c Error – ORA-00001: unique constraint APPS.PS_TXN_PK violated

Oracle ADF Best Practices

Oracle ADF 12c Best Practices for ADF Developers