How to create implementation user in Oracle Fusion

The implementation Project in Oracle Fusion can be created by the Implementation User. The blog provides the steps for creating the Implementation User in Oracle Fusion.

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The Implementation User should be  assigned with the below given roles:

  1. Application Implementation Consultant Role
  2. IT Security Manager Role
  3. Employee Role

The below given are the steps required for Implementation User in Oracle Fusion

  1. Log into Oracle Fusion Application with the Default Implementation User provided by the Oracle Product
  2.  Go to Navigator ( Left side 3 lines on the top) 
  3. Select Security Console 
  4. Select User Tab from the Left Panel 
  5. Click on ‘Add User Account’ button
  6. Enter the below given mandatory fields 
  •  First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Email (Optional) 
  • User Name 
  • Password 
  • Confirm Password
  • External Identifier ( Optional) 

7.  Click on ‘Save and Close’

Assign Role to the New User

The below given are the steps for assigning roles to the newly created user

8. Click on ‘Add Role’ button given below on the ‘Add User Account’ Screen after saving the user details.

9. The Add Role Membership Popup screen opens.

10. Search for the Role – ‘Application Implementation Consultant’


11. Click on ‘Add Role Membership’

12. Similarly Search for the Role – ‘IT Security Manager’


13. Click on ‘Add Role Membership’

14. Similarly Search for the Role – ‘Employee’


15. Click on ‘Add Role Membership’

Other related roles required to create the implementation project in Oracle Fusion

  • Application Implementation Administrator
  • Application Implementation Manager

The below given table depicts the privilege’s provided by the roles assigned to the Implementation User

User Role Privileges Proved by the Role
Application Implementation Consultant– Allows to create and manage Implementation Project
– Allows to Copy Configurations
– Allows Configuration Package to another instance
– Allows to Import / Export setup data
– Allows to manage custom setup data
IT Security Manager– Allows to Create new user
– Allows to assign roles to user
Employee– Allows access to Report and Analytics
-Allows access to Scheduled Processes

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