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Enable RESTful Management Services in Weblogic Server 12c

The Restful management services is one of the important features of Weblogic Server 12c. The Restful management services allows to monitor the running Weblogic Server instances which includes : Applications running in Weblogic Server Data Sources configured in Weblogic Server Servers including Admin Server and Manager Servers Clusters with multiple machines in distributed WebLogic Infrastructure […]

Oracle EBS R12 Concurrent Request Log and Trace File SQL

The blog provides useful SQL Queries for Identifying the Concurrent Request Log File details and Concurrent Request Trace File details SQL Query to retrieve Concurrent Request Log File SELECT  ‘LOGFILE_NAME=’ || logfile_name FROM    FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS WHERE   request_id = &req SELECT  ‘OUTFILE_NAME=’ || outfile_name FROM    FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS WHERE   request_id = &req SQL Query to retrieve Concurrent Request Log […]

Oracle Event Processing (OEP) features in SOA Suite 12c

Oracle Event Processing (OEP) 12c is used for design, develop and deploy the complex event processing applications that needs monitoring of real-time streaming events (IoT) providing high throughput and low latency platform.  Oracle Event Processing consists of the below given components1. Oracle Event Processing server : where the Oracle Event Processing applications are hosted / […]

Describe SOA Suite’s role in cloud integration and mobile applications ?

SOA Suite is one of the popular middleware integration mechanism for providing service based integrations in the heterogeneous environment.  With the increased demand for Cloud based and mobile integrated applications, Oracle SOA Suite 12c  provides enhanced features providing SOA Solutions for On-premises applications, cloud based applications, mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT). It also […]

Oracle SOA 12c tutorial on JCA Adapter Architecture

The blog contains the detailing about Adapter Role in composite application, features of JCA Adapters, Adapter types, File Adapter interview questions, FTP Adapter interview questions, File / FTP Adapter configurations, File / FTP Adapter Design and Run-time properties. The blog could be helpful in the preparation of oracle SOA Suite 12c essentials 1z0-434 Certification. Describe the adapters role […]

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