Describe SOA Suite’s role in cloud integration and mobile applications ?

SOA Suite is one of the popular middleware integration mechanism for providing service based integrations in the heterogeneous environment.  With the increased demand for Cloud based and mobile integrated applications, Oracle SOA Suite 12c  provides enhanced features providing SOA Solutions for On-premises applications, cloud based applications, mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT). It also provides support for lightweight REST and JSON integration standards.

Oracle SOA Suite 12c cloud and mobile integration features

The below given are the enhanced features provided in the SOA Suite 12c release

End-to-End-Integration Flow: SOA Suite provides the improved integration process which helps in automating the data flow integrations across third party systems, external services, cloud based applications and thus reduces speed time to market, increase productivity, and lower costs

SOA suite In-built cloud application adapters:  SOA Suite 12c provides support for adapter integration to connect virtually any application , service, data store, ,messaging system including the  in-built cloud application adapters for  on-premises as well Cloud based applications. The below given are the few SOA Suite cloud adapters available as part of SOA Suite installation

Component Name Cloud Adapter Connector 
CX Connectivity 
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • Oracle Eloqua Cloud
  • Oracle Engagement Cloud
  • Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)
  • SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris)
Database Connectivity 
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service
Enterprise Messaging Connectivity 
  • Oracle Messaging Cloud Service
ERP Connectivity
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Oracle EPM Cloud
  • Oracle Utilities Cloud
  • Oracle Logistics Cloud
HCM Connectivity
  • Oracle Cloud HCM
  • Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Service (Taleo Enterprise Edition)

Business Activity Monitoring: Oracle SOA Suite provides business analytics with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) for real-time operational intelligence for mission-critical business processes

Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT)  Service: Oracle SOA Suite provides easy to use web based design tool for Oracle Managed File Transfer Cloud Service to securely exchanges files between internal and external FTP Servers . It also supports PGP encryption and decryption of files,  file transfer reporting for quick data analysis,  file purge scripts , file notification mechanism.  Oracle MFT also provides dashboard metrics to track file size, file volume, and elapsed time for inbound and outbound transfers and service endpoints. 

Oracle Event Processing:Oracle Event Processing (OEP) 12c is used for design, develop and deploy the complex event processing applications that needs monitoring of real-time streaming events (IoT) providing high throughput and low latency platform. 

Oracle Event Processing consists of the below given components
1. Oracle Event Processing server : where the Oracle Event Processing applications are hosted / deployed
2. Oracle Event Processing Visualizer: web based interface to configure, deploy and manage Oracle Event Processing applications
3. Command-line administrative interface : command line interface to start and stop domains , deploy , resume or uninstall an application on Oracle Event Processing Server.
4. Oracle JDeveloper IDE : enables to design, develop and deploy the Oracle Event Processing applications

Virtual Administrative Access: Oracle SOA Suite provides the web based console and connectivity to Virtual machines using SSH and provides all integration capabilities at one place which reduces the complexity and overall maintenance cost. 

SOA Composite deployment on Cloud or on-premises Environment: Oracle SOA Suite allows to deploy the SOA composites for  on-premises or in the SOA cloud environment to optimize security, cost, and regulatory requirements.


Oracle SOA Integration features

Oracle SOA Application Adapters



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