Commonly asked SOA interview questions – SET 1

1) What is SOA Suite ?
Oracle Fusion Middleware includes SOA , OSB , Web Logic Server as the products provided by Oracle. SOA 12c is a software design which enable services to be created , managed and orchestrated into composite applications to support the heterogenrous IT Environment and provide capabiltiies to implement the business processes.
SOA Suite enables the below provided capabiltiies
• Orchestration
• Business Rules
• Human Task Flow
• Messaging
• Service Discovery
• Web Service Maangement and security (OWSM)
• Events Framework
• Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

2) What are the available components in SOA 12c ?

Components are divided as Service Components and Binding Components.

Service components acts as the building blocks for developing SOA Composite application.

Binding components are used for establishing the connection between a SOA Composite and external services like external web services , JMS Queues , Database Adapters

3) What is a SOA Composite ?
SOA Composite is an collection of services, components and references which are created , managed and deployed as single application integrating the business processes

4) In how many ways the SOA Composite can be configured / created ?
• Empty Composite
• Composite with BPEL Process
• Composite with Mediator
• Composite with Human Task
• Composite with SubProcess
• Composite with Business Rule
• Composite with Spring

5) In how many ways the Interface (WSDL) can be defined for a Web service ?
• Define a new WSDL using the schema
• Select existing WSDL
• Automatically define service interface WSDL from a component

6) How can we add the description to the SOA Composite Application ?
Click the TO-DO Tasks icon provided above the SOA Composite Editor
Add the description
Click Close

7) How to invoke the deployed SOA Composite applications ?
Drag the SOAP Adapter in the SOA Composite Editor – External References swinlane
Drag the Partner Link to the Component window – right swinlane
Access the SOA Resource Browser Dialog , Find Existing WSDL from the Create Web Service Dialog.
Select the Application Server Dialog
Select the service from the list of deployed SOA Services
Click OK

Commonly asked SOA interview questions – SET 1
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