Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Interview Questions And Answers

1) What is SOA Suite ?

Oracle Fusion Middleware includes SOA , OSB , Web Logic Server as the products provided by Oracle. SOA 12c is a software design which enable services to be created , managed and orchestrated into composite applications to support the heterogeneous IT Environment and provide capabilities to implement the business processes.
SOA Suite enables the below provided capabilities
• Orchestration
• Business Rules
• Human Task Flow
• Messaging
• Service Discovery
• Web Service Maangement and security (OWSM)
• Events Framework
• Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

2) Explain basic SOA concepts and how they map to implementations ?

SOA Suite software uses the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows developers to allows to develop, test and deploy the applications and helps in transforming the complex business requirements to agile and re-usable service based integrations. The applications developed using SOA suite helps in shorten the time to market, provides faster integrations to business requirements and helps in reducing the overall cost.

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Architecture Diagram

The below given are the Key concepts / capabilities of SOA Suite:

  1. SOA Suite provides the application development tool which helps in integrating the cloud applications with the On-premise applications in a unified approach which minimizes the overall complexity.
  2. SOA Suite provides the re-usability for service based applications. The developed services can be leveraged for enabling mobile based applications with the support of representational state transfer (REST) services.
  3.  SOA Suite enables developers to integrate applications running on different technology (.Net/ Java/PHP), different servers ( Unix/Linux/Solaris) for accomplishing business requirements.
  4. SOA Suite implements J2CA 1.5 specification for JCA Adapters which allows it to communicate with different data source technologies like JMS , Advanced Queue(AQ) , Database Tables, File/FTP, MQSeries.   Read the blog –  SOA Suite JCA Adapter Architecture
  5. Oracle Service Bus provides the Mediation Process by routing and transformation capabilities.
  6. BPEL Process Manager provides the Orchestration capabilities as part of service integration process.
  7.  Oracle Business Rule Engine facilitates in building custom business rules to process the specific business data requirements.
  8. Oracle Event Processing helps in processing the data streaming , capture and invoke events data and providing CQL to query the received data.
  9. Oracle Business Activity Monitoring provides the capability to track the real time operations and performance of the business processes.
  10. Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control manages and provides the security to all running services using policy driven security framework .
  11.  Oracle SOA Suite is deployed as the managed server in the Oracle Weblogic Server (Application Server) which includes Coherence and JRockit ( Oralce JVM) and provides the enhanced performance and faster integration.
  12. Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control helps in managing and monitoring the deployed SOA Composite applications, fault errors, recovery methods through server console.

3) Describe the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles? 

Service Oriented Architecture is an architectural pattern helps in developing service based applications to be integrated in an heterogeneous environment.  The below given are the SOA principles:

  1. Standardized service contract
  2. Service loose coupling
  3. Service abstraction
  4. Service reusability
  5. Service autonomy
  6. Service statelessness
  7. Service discoverability
  8. Service composability

4) What are the major drawbacks of SOA? 

The below given are the major challenge faced by service-oriented architecture

  1. Web services are only one option to implement the SOA patterns
  2. Stateful services require both the consumer and provider to share the same consumer-specific context which reduces scalability for the service provider if the same service is to be consumed by multiple consumer
  3. Another challenge with SOA implementation is managing of metadata where service based application design requires multiple service calls with authorization access and generates large data volume. 
  4. SOA lacks uniform testing framework due to services integrated in the heterogeneous environment leading to complexity
  5.  Requires complex testing data for validating the autonomous services

5) What are the key components in SOA Suite 12c ?

The below given are the Oracle SOA Suite key components:

Oracle SOA Suite component Component Description 
Oracle Service Bus Oracle Service Bus is a configuration-based, policy-driven enterprise service bus for managing the SOA life cycle management.


OSB provides service discovery, service provisioning, highly scalable and reliable service-oriented integration, service management,message brokering with routing and transformation of messages and service monitoring and administration capabilities.

Oracle Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) Process Manager Oracle BPEL provides standards-based configuration tool to develop service based applications integrated with discrete services into an end-to-end process flow.
BPEL services minimizes the complexity of business requirements and reduces the overall cost.BPEL provides dehydration capability , maintains state of long-running business flow instances , provides routing , transformation and custom business rule processing, enables clustering for both fail-over and scalability,enables human workflow services such as task, notification, and worklist management ,provides process-centric composite application development , automating business processes.
Oracle Event Processing OEP provides the provides a high performance event processing engine to process the large volumes of events data from various data sources in real -time .OEP is built on industry standards like ANSI SQL, Java, Spring Dynamic Modules (DM), and the Open Service Gateway initiative (OSGI).
Oracle Business Activity Monitoring Oracle BAM helps in monitoring the real time business processes to conclude on tactical and strategical business decisions.
Oracle Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) adapters SOA Suite implements J2CA 1.5 specification for JCA Adapters which allows it to communicate with different data source technologies and provides integration with Oracle Applications, Legacy applications, Cloud applications.
Oracle B2B Oracle B2B supports industry standards like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), UCCnet, RosettaNet, Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX), Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX), Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions (VICS), ebXML, and Universal Business Language (UBL) to exchange information electronically with trading partners.
Oralce SOA for Healthcare provides the web-based user interface to create & configure health care integration applications. It allows to mange and monitor the message processing.
Oracle Enterprise Scheduler allows to process large volume transactions to be processed at a scheduled time. It can run scheduled joobs deployed as Java, PL/SQL, binary scripts, web services, and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) distributed in an Oracle WebLogic Server cluster
Oracle Managed File Transfer helps in managing the file gateway and ensure standard based with performance file processing mechanism. It provides lightweight, web-based, design-time console for encryption, scheduling and monitoring of file transfer for embedded FTP and sFTP servers

6) What is a SOA Composite ?

SOA Composite is an collection of services, components and references which are created , managed and deployed as single application integrating the business processes

7) In how many ways the SOA Composite can be configured / created ?

• Empty Composite
• Composite with BPEL Process
• Composite with Mediator
• Composite with Human Task
• Composite with Sub Process
• Composite with Business Rule
• Composite with Spring

8) In how many ways the Interface (WSDL) can be defined for a Web service ?

• Define a new WSDL using the schema
• Select existing WSDL
• Automatically define service interface WSDL from a component

9) How can we add the description to the SOA Composite Application ?

Click the TO-DO Tasks icon provided above the SOA Composite Editor
Add the description
Click Close

10) How to invoke the deployed SOA Composite applications ?

  • Drag the SOAP Adapter in the SOA Composite Editor – External References swimlane
  • Drag the Partner Link to the Component window – right swimlane
  • Access the SOA Resource Browser Dialog , Find Existing WSDL from the Create Web Service Dialog.
  • Select the Application Server Dialog
  • Select the service from the list of deployed SOA Services
  • Click OK

11) Explain SOA Suite 12c cloud and mobile integration features ?

Oracle SOA suite features for cloud and mobile application integration