MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline bucket & bucketAuto Stage

The The $bucket  and $bucketAuto stage in the aggregate method in the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline to allow the incoming document of a collection to be categorized into groups called buckets.  Point to Consider for $bucket Stage The incoming document of a collection to be categorized into buckets Each document in the bucket is applied with […]

MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline addFields Stage

The $addFields stage is one of the stages to be used in the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline stages. The $addFields stage  allows to add new fields in the document. The generated output document  contains the existing fields and new fields added using $addFields stage Point to Consider for $addFields Stage: $addFields appends new fields to existing documents […]

MongoDB Aggregation pipeline operation

MongoDB performs the Aggregation operations where group values from multiple documents are combined and perform various operations to return a single result. MongoDB provides three ways to perform aggregation: Aggregation Pipeline Map-Reduce Function Single Purpose Aggregation methods The blog covers the Aggregation pipeline usage in detail. Aggregation Pipeline in MongoDB The Aggregation pipeline is a […]

MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Optimization

The Aggregation Pipeline Optimization helps in improving the overall pipeline performance. The Aggregation operations passes through the optimization phase where the MongoDB optimizer transforms the aggregation pipeline using the explain option and db.collection.aggregate() method. Aggregation Pipeline Optimization Types The below given are the optimization types available for Aggregation Pipeline: Project Optimization Pipeline Sequence Optimization Pipeline […]

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