SQL Server

SQL Server Primary Key , Foreign Key Constraints in the table

The SQL Server Table might contain multiple fields but for the data Retrieval we need to consider an UNIQUE key through which the complete record row(s) can be fetched. The SQL Server RDBMS provides the concept of Primary Key (Unique field). It also helps in executing the queries faster. Refer SQL Server Unique and Not […]

SQL Server UNIQUE and NOT NULL Constraint in table

We have covered the overview related to SQL Server Constraint in the blog – SQL Server Constraint in the table Lets discuss each constraint in Detail SQL Server NOT NULL Constraint The SQL Server NOT NULL Constraint is applied on the Column level in the table. It depicts that the particular column where NOT NULL […]

SQL Server Constraints in the table

A SQL Server Database could have multiple tables and each table that has to be stored based on some rules. These rules are the possible checks & conditions which allows you to ensure the data validations before it is being inserted into a specific table. SQL Server Constraints Types SQL server constraints can be divided […]

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