Enable RESTful Management Services in Weblogic Server 12c

The Restful management services is one of the important features of Weblogic Server 12c. The Restful management services allows to monitor the running Weblogic Server instances which includes :

  • Applications running in Weblogic Server
  • Data Sources configured in Weblogic Server
  • Servers including Admin Server and Manager Servers
  • Clusters with multiple machines in distributed WebLogic Infrastructure

The RestFul management services allows HTTP GET methods and supports restful formats like XML, JSON and HTML

The Restful management services provides the capability to call through any Restful Client supporting languages like python, cURL , built -in web client and JavaFX application

Pre-requisite for RestFul Management Services

The below configurations are required for RestFul management services

  • Oracle Weblogic Server 12c
  • Python 2.7 +
  • JDK 7+
  • Operating System like Windows, Linux , MacOS

How to enable Restful Management Services in Weblogic Server 12c

The below steps need to be performed to enable the Restful management services in Oracle Weblogic Server 12c

  • Log into Weblogic Server Admin Console
  • Click on Lock &Edit to create new session for making server changes
  • Navigate Home-> Domains -> Configurations-> Advanced
  • Check Enable Restful Management Services

Enable RestFul Management Services

  • Restart the Weblogic Server

How to Enable Restful Management Services usign Weblogic WLST

  • Log in as Weblogic User and start Weblogic Shell Script
[wls@mach01]$ $WL_HOME/common/bin/wlst.sh
  • Connec to Weblogic Server Admin using admin credentials and t3 URL
  • Execute the below given WLST commands to enable Restful Services in Weblogic Server 12c
  • Restart WebLogic Administration Server and managed servers

How to test Restful Management Services

  • Ensure that the Weblogic Server is restarted with the enablement of Restful Management Services checkbox

Restful Management Services to retrieve Server Health State

  • The blow details are shown

Test RestFul Management Services

Restful Management Services to retrieve Single Server details


Single Server details using Weblogic Restful Services

Restful Management Services to retrieve Weblogic Data Source details


Data Source details using Weblogic Restful Services


Oracle WebLogic RESTful Management Services: From Command Line to JavaFX