Add BPEL process service components to SOA composite

The blog provides the step to add a simple Hello World BPEL Process service components to SOA composite applications in the design environment.  

Let’s create a HelloWorld BPEL application to demonstrate the same. 

Add a New BPEL Service Component

File > New > Application

Select Applications -> SOA Application

Enter the Application Name and Click Next

Configure SOA Settings -> Composite With BPEL Process

Hello world Composite Type

Hello world Synchronous BPEL Process

Click Finish

Template Types in BPEL Process Service Component

The Template Types allows to define what sort of BPEL Process Service Component is going to be exposed for the invocation.  It could be define as given below

  1. Web Service
  2. REST Service
  3. No Service

Template for BPEL Process Service Component

In the Create BPEL Process , user is provided with the option to select the template based on the BPEL Process Service Component.  The template creates the default files for <Process_Name>.bpel and <Process_Name>.wsdl where Process_Name is the Name given for the BPEL Process.  

BPEL Process Template files

Template Name Template Description
Asynchronous BPEL Process

Asynchronous BPEL Process does not wait for the reply to return .  Allows to create an Asynchronous BPEL Process with default Receive Activity. Add a Invoke Activity call back the client asynchronously 

Synchronous BPEL Process

An Synchronous BPEL Process waits for the reply to return to complete the service flow. 

Allows to create an synchronous BPEL Process  with default  Receive Activity. Add an reply activity to retrieve the results back.

One Way BPEL Process Allows to create the BPEL Process Service Component with one way call interface.
Define Service Later  Allows to create the BPEL Process Service Component with No activities.
Based on WSDL 

Allows to create the BPEL Process Service Component with an existing WSDL (Web Service).  

Need to define the WSDL URL, Port Type and Callback Port.

Subscribed to Events

Allows to create the BPEL Process Service Component  for subscribing to an Business Event.  

This requires event selection which needs to be subscribed, consistency level and if this event need to be published or not. 

Now Lets create a Assign Activity to map the Client Input with the Response Output String to perform the basic transformation. Assing Activity Mapping

Deploy the BPEL Service to Integrated SOA Server 

Deploy Hello world to Application Server

hello world deployment to soa serverhello world deployment to soa server

Hello World Deployment Summary

Test Hello World BPEL Web Service 

  1. Log into the SOA Server 
  2. Click on Deployed Composites -> BPELHelloWorldV1.0
  3. Click on Test Button 
  4. Enter the Input String as “Hello World”
  5. Click on Test Web Service 
  6. Web Service returns the “Hello World” as result string.

Test Hello world web service