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How to pass value on the click of af:commandLink in ADF Faces using

<af:commandLink text=”#{TestBundle.CUST_LOC_NAME}” id=”we7″ action=”#{pageFlowScope.testBean.executeTestMethod}” binding=”#{pageFlowScope.testBean.setBeanValueVar}” disabled=”#{pageFlowScope.varCheckValue==null || pageFlowScope.varCheckValue==’true’}”> <af:setActionListener from=”true” to=”#{pageFlowScope.varTemp1}”/> <af:setActionListener from=”false” to=”#{pageFlowScope.varTemp2}”/> <af:setActionListener from=”false” to=”#{pageFlowScope.varTemp3}”/> </af:commandLink> Link to this post!

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How to set the label or output text value retrieve from the property file field value in JSF Page

1) Define the Property Bundle file in the ViewController Project. 2) In the Page, add the below given line to load the property bundle file <f:loadBundle basename=”com.test.bundle.TestPropeertyBundle” var=”TestBundle”/> 3) Define the output text on the Page <af:outputText value=”#{TestBundle.CUST_LOC_NAME}” id=”ot1″ />

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