What are the available components in SOA 12c ?

SOA Composite is an collection of services, components and references which are created , managed and deployed as single application integrating the business processes. Components are divided as Service Components and Binding Components.

Service components: Service components acts as the building blocks for developing SOA Composite application.
• BPEL Process
• Business Rule
• Human Task
• Oracle Mediator
• Spring
• SubProcess

Binding components : Binding components are used for establishing the connection between a SOA Composite and external services like external web services , JMS Queues , Database Adapters.

Services : Services provides an entry point to connect the SOA Composite with the external services. The protocols ( SOAP /HTTP/REST) used in external services acts as the Binding connectivity within the SOA composite application
References – are used to send messages from SOA Composite to the external services/ applications.

Below given are the provided binding components for the external services.

External ServicesBinding Component
Web Services ( SOAP Over HTTP)SOAP enables services over HTTP Protocol
JCA Adaptershelps in integrating services with different technologies with the usage of provided adapters
FTP ServersFTP Adapter
JMS MessagingJMS Adapter
Database ServerDB Adapter
Oracle User Messaging ServiceOracle User Messaging Service Adapter
File serverFile Adapter
IBM Websphere MQMQ Adapter
LDAP ServerLDAP Adapter
Oracle Coherence CacheOracle Coherence Adapter
PeopleSoftPeopleSoft Adapter
Oracle Sales CloudOracle Sales Cloud Adapter
Oracle B2Bhelps in browsing B2B Metadata Services Repository (MDS)
Oracle ADFBC Service – integrates the Oracle Application Development Framework using Service Data Objects (SDO) with the SOA Application
Oracle E-Business Suiteintegrates the oracle applications with the use of Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter
BAM 11g Adapterintegrates the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) for the exchange of data
EJB Serviceintegrates the Service Data Objects (SDO) parameters or Java Interfaces with the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
HTTP Bindingintegrates SOA Application with HTTP
REST Serviceintegration of REST enabled services with SOA Application.
Oracle Managed File Transfer ( MFT)integrates the transfer files process to and from endpoint types like FTP / SFTP servers, SOA Web Services , Oracle Service Bus , etc.
Cloud Adaptersintegration of Cloud application with SOA Application