mime types

mime types to be defined in web.xml for pdf, css, images,javascript in the mime-mapping tag

If you are using the PDF or JavaScript or images with differnt extensions png, jpeg, gif then that should be defined in the mime-mapping tag in the web.xml . Example is given below. <mime-mapping> <extension>pdf</extension> <mime-type>application/pdf</mime-type> </mime-mapping> <mime-mapping> <extension>javascript</extension> <mime-type>application/x-javascript</mime-type> </mime-mapping> <mime-mapping> <extension>css</extension> <mime-type>text/css</mime-type> </mime-mapping> <mime-mapping> <extension>swf</extension> <mime-type>application/x-shockwave-flash</mime-type> </mime-mapping> <mime-mapping> <extension>txt</extension> <mime-type>text/plain</mime-type> </mime-mapping> <mime-mapping> <extension>png</extension> […]

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