How to create a Durable Subscriber JMS Topic in Weblogic Server

WebLogic Server  durable subscriber JMS Topics, provides the persistent of the messages either file based or database specific until the message is delivered to the subscriber.  In case the message is failed, it is persisted in the database. Following are the parameters which are to be used for durable subscriber JMS Topic.

  • Client ID — The unique client ID  value for the created durable subscriber.
  • Subscription Name — The subscription name given to the durable subscriber.
  •  No Local — The noLocal flag for this durable subscriber, which when enabled, can prevent an application from receiving messages it has published itself.
  • Active — ensures that the subscription is used by a durable subscriber.
  • Selector — If specified, the message selector for filtering messages.
  • Messages Pending Count — The number of messages that are stored in the system but which are not visible.
  • Messages Current Count — The number of messages pending with the durable subscriber to be executed.
  • Bytes Current Count — The number of bytes received by the durable subscriber.

Steps to create a Durable Subscriber JMS Topic

1. Click on JMS Module. Select the created JMS Module in which JMS Topic is to be created.
2. Click on NEW to create a new JMS Topic.
3. Select Resource Type as ‘Distributed Topic’
4.  Provide JMS Topic Name
5. Provide JMS DataSource Name
6. Uncheck XA Connectory Factory ( this could depend on ur need)
7. Destination Type as – Uniform
8. Forwarding Polciy as – Partitioned
9. Target ( All Servers in Cluster)
10.  Save the JMS Topic.
11. Open the created JMS Topic and Click on Monitoring tab.
12. Click on Durable Subscriber Tab.
13. Click on Advance Tab
14. Provide the ClinetID value.
15. Provide the Subscription name.
16. Click on Apply to save the changes.