XSD Tutorial – XSD Numeric Data Type

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We discuss XSD Numeric Data Type in detail

The XSD Numeric data are used to depicts the XML data in the form of Integer and Decimal.

<xs:integer> numeric data type

<xs:integer> data type depicts the integer value in the XML document

<xs:integer> example:

<xs:element name=”age” type=“xs:integer”/>


<xs:decimal> data type

<xs:decimal> data type depicts the decimal value in the XML document

<xs:decimal> example:

<xs:element name=”price” type=“xs:decimal”/>


Numeric Data Types

S. No      NameDescription
1bytevalue with 8-bit integer 
2decimaldecimal value 1.15
3intvalue with 32-bit integer 
4integerinteger value
5longvalue with 64-bit integer 
6negativeIntegeran integer with negative values (-1,-2,-3…)
7nonNegativeIntegeran integer with negative values (0,1,2…)
8nonPostiveIntegeran integer with non positive values  (0,-1,-2…)
9positiveIntegeran integer with positive values (1,2…)
10shortan unsigned 16-bit integer
11unsignedShortan unsigned 16-bit integer
12unsignedLongan unsigned 64-bit integer
13unsignedIntan unsigned 32-bit integer
14unsignedBytean unsigned 8-bit integer