SDO Binding component services outbound integrations

As we have discussed the SDO Inbound Integration with the ADF –BC Application, there could the SDO Outbound Integration where BPEL Process Service which invokes the Outbound Call to connect the ADF-BC Application to retrieve the data.

We discussed in previous blog (BPEL Data Operations using Entity Variables in SOA 12c) that in such cases the Oracle BPEL Process Manager uses the unique key which will get stored in the dehydration store. While invoking the Outbound call, BPEL Process Service binds the Unique Key and passes it as an Input to retrieve the required data.
Below given are the main steps that need to be followed
1) Oracle ADF-BC is the external application which is deployed as the SDO Service in the Service Infrastructure
2) In the BPEL Process Service, we need to create the partner link with the exposed SDO external service
3) To do so, we need to create the entity variable
4) Create the Binding key to map it as an input for the external ADF-BC Service

SDO Outbound Integrations
SDO Outbound Integrations