Java Basics

Main differences between Array and ArrayList in java

How is an array different from ArrayList ? What are the major differences between Array and ArrayList ? Why difference between Array and ArrayList is the most commonly asked Java Interview Question . Below given are the points for Array vs ArrayList which describes it. S. No     Array     ArrayList 1 Array is fixed […]

enum java type

Enum is provided as a new data type to provide the predefined values (constants) for a variable. The Enum data type is defined in java using the enum keyword. The enum data type fields are in uppercase letters being constant values. The enum data types can be helpful in supporting the different values for a […]

Interface class in java

The Tutorial discuss about the interface class in Java. The interface class in java is one of the core concept of the java programming language and supports the object oriented approach. The java collections, java design patterns, java List uses the implementation of interface classes. The Java Abstract Class provides the partial abstraction mechanism whereas […]

Core Java Tutorial on Abstract class

The tutorial provides the detailing about the creation and usage of abstract class in java. The java abstract class is declared using the keyword’ abstract’ . The abstract class could have methods with or without implementation. The abstract classes cannot be initiated as they could have unimplemented methods but these abstract classes can be sub-classed. […]

Core Java – Java Class and Objects

Java is an object oriented programming language and its is driven based on Java Classes and Object instantiation. The tutorial provides how to create Java Classes and instantiate object on the class. What is Object in Java ? An Object is a group of related items grouped together and can have characteristics like state and […]

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