Public Cloud tutorial for beginners

The Tutorial provides the basic concept of Public Cloud, Public Cloud diagram, benefits of Public Cloud, limitation of Public Cloud. The tutorial is useful for the beginners and professional and who ever wants to know about the public cloud usage.

We have covered the Cloud Computing Overview in the previous blog. Let’s discuss the Public Cloud in detail.

What is Public Cloud?

  • The public cloud is cloud hosting where user is allowed to access the system and services via internet. Public clouds are considered as shared platform among various clients or user provided by cloud service providers.
  • Public cloud charges are calculated as pay-per-use model where the user is charged only for services being used.
  • Public cloud examples: Microsoft Azure, IBM’s Blue Mix Cloud, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Google Cloud

The below given is the Public cloud Diagram where cloud environment is owned by the Cloud Service Providers and each client or organization gets the shared platform as per the need ( Infrastructure, Software’s and Development Platform) . The Cloud environment provides advanced security features and users mapped with roles and responsibility can login. Multiple organization might be using the same Data Center or Region but still they are separately logically.

Public cloud Diagram

Advantages of Public Cloud

  • Lower Cost: The public clouds are cheaper as they work on the shared platform concept
  • Pay per use: The public cloud charges for the services being consumed.
  • Location Independent: Public Clouds are location independent and thus can be accessed from anywhere via internet connection
  • No Maintenance Required: The Public cloud software installation , upgrades and server management are totally owned by the cloud service providers
  • Scalability: The public clouds provides easy scalability options through configurations
  • Reliability: The public clouds are always available without much interruption and thus makes it high reliable

Disadvantages of Public Cloud

  • Less control: As public clouds are owned by cloud service provides, it does provide much control to the end user
  • High Internet Speed: Public cloud performance depends on the availability of high internet speed
  • Security concern: Public Cloud is less secure because resources are shared publicly