Project Costing and Project Billing Setup in Oracle Projects R12

Project Costing Implementation Options in Oracle Apps R12

The below options are to be enabled for the Project Costing in the Oracle Apps R12

Costing Implementation Options  Costing Implementation Values
Expenditure Cycle Start Day

indicates the projects 7 day expenditure week 

Start Day – Monday

Week Ending Date is Sunday to be reflected in all expenditures including timecards and expense reports.

Enable Overtime Calculation

indicates if the system needs to calculate and charge overtime hours


Interface Cost to GL

indicates if the costing need to be recorded in General Ledger 

Interface Labor Costs            Enabled

Interface Usage Costs            Enabled

Expenditure / Event Organization Hierarchy

indicates that the organization is mapped to the Organization Hierarchy and associated with Operating Unit

Project Billing Implementation Options in Oracle Apps R12

  • Oracle Projects allows to define the Journal Entry Sources and Journal Entry Categories for capturing revenue transactions to General Ledger Posting.
  • Auto Numbering of the Invoice Number in the Oracle Projects
  • In case of Manual Invoice Number , the below given setting are to be updated
  • Oracle Projects allows to process the Projects Invoice Number at project invoice collection organization level, by default it is Enabled
  • If the Oracle Projects invoices for a particular operating unit (OU)  to be processed using the Oracle Projects seeded transaction types, then Centralized Invoice Processing should not be Enabled
  • Oracle Projects allows Project Invoices to be Interfaced to Oracle Receivables by enabled the Invoices Batch Source
Billing Implementation Options Billing Implementation Values
Interface Revenue to GL  Enabled 
Invoice Numbering

Invoice Numbering Method – Manual

Invoice Number Type – Alphanumeric

Centralized Invoice Processing Enabled
Invoices Batch Source PROJECTS INVOICES