Private Cloud Overview and Features

The Tutorial provides the basic concept of Private Cloud, Private Cloud diagram, benefits of Private Cloud, limitation of Private Cloud. The tutorial is useful for the beginners and professional and who ever wants to know about the private cloud usage.

We have covered the Cloud Computing Overview in the previous blog. Let’s discuss the Private Cloud in detail.

What is Private Cloud?

  • The Private cloud is an isolated or private cloud environment where systems , applications and resources are accessible within an organization
  • Private cloud is also termed as ‘Internal Cloud’ or ‘Corporate Cloud’
  • Private cloud provides high security and data privacy through firewalls and internal hosting.
  • Business critical applications are deployed on private cloud by organization
  • Microsoft, Elastra-private cloud are few examples of Private Cloud

Advantages of Private Cloud

  • Provides more security on application data
  • Provides more controlled on the environment
  • Provides high performance

Disadvantages Private Cloud

  • Requires skilled manpower
  • Requires high cost in setting up private cloud
  • Accessible within the organization boundaries
  • Less scalable with available internal hosting resources