Hybrid Cloud tutorial for beginners

The Tutorial provides the basic concept of Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Cloud diagram, benefits of Hybrid Cloud, limitation of Hybrid Cloud. The tutorial is useful for the beginners and professional and who ever wants to know about the hybrid cloud usage.

We have covered the Cloud Computing Overview in the previous blog. Let’s discuss the Hybrid Cloud in detail.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

  • Hybrid Cloud is the cloud computing type which is a mix of Public Cloud and Private Cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud allows to create a unified, automated, and well-managed computing environment
  • Business critical applications are managed and secured using Private Cloud
  • Non-critical applications can be deployed and managed through Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud provider companies are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Cisco
  • Banking Applications could be considered as Hybrid Cloud

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

  • Provides flexibility to an organization to decide which applications are to be deployed on private or public cloud
  • Provides additional Security to critical applications deployed on private cloud
  • Provides cost effectiveness
  • Reduces overall risk for critical applications
  • Provides scalability

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cloud

  • Managing private cloud and public cloud increase complex networking requirements
  • Requires to incorporate organization security compliance
  • Requires additional manpower for managing networking and private cloud setup
  • Requires reliability on both public and private cloud environments up and running