Difference between React JS and Vue JS

The blog provides the difference between React and Vue. Although both React and Vue are the popular Java Script frameworks and provides similar functionalities like component -based Architecture, State and Props , Updating Virtual DOM but their usage depends on the specific business needs.

React Java Script FrameworkVue Java Script Framework
React is used for building reusable componentsVue is used for building reusable User
Interfaces and single page applications
React is declarative, efficient and flexible
open-source Java Script Library
Vue is an open-source library supporting
progressive framework
React was developed by Jordan Walke, a
software engineer at facebook
Vue was developed by Evan You, a former
employee at Google
React was released to public on May,2013Vue was released to public on February, 2014
React can be easily integrated with 3rd party librariesVue has limited flexibility to adapt 3rd party libraries
React uses JSX for Java Script Expression
which is generated code similar to HML
Vue provides styling similar to Angular
by separating HTML, JS, and CSS
React supports one-way binding which means
only model can update the application state
Vue supports one-way and two-way binding
which means not only model but UI field
change is bounded to model change
React support Java Script / XMLVue supports HTML/ Java Script
React provides extensive support for External
Tools (React CLI Tool for create-react-app) and
IDEs (Visual Studio Code)
Vue provides limited external tool supports
when compared to React although it also
supports Vue CLI Tool and IDEs
React being a popular library provides long term support Vue support is limited as compared to React