Control functions and options in Oracle Projects R12

Control Functions Supported at Projects and Task Level 

The Oracle Projects allow user to perform the multiple activities / functions which are categorized as Top Task, Lowest Task or at Project Level.

Oracle Projects Functions Project Level  Top Task Level  Lowest Task Level
For All Projects             
Budgeting  Enabled  Enabled  Enabled 
Transaction Entry     Enabled
Customer Entry Enabled    
For Capital Projects      
Asset Definition Enabled    
Asset Assignments Enabled  Enabled  Enabled 
For Contract Projects      
Funding from Customer Agreements Enabled Enabled  
Event Entry Enabled Enabled  
Invoice Generation Enabled    

Oracle Projects Options supported at Projects and Task Level

The Oracle Apps R12 allows users to apply the specific Project and Task Level options to to control how Oracle Projects are to be processed.  

Project / Task Options Project Level Top Task  Mid Task Lowest Task
Classifications Enabled      
Customers &Contacts Enabled      
Key Members Enabled      
Organization Overrides Enabled      
Resource List Assignments Enabled      
Transaction Control  Enabled     Enabled
Costing Burden Schedule Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
Burden Schedule Overrides Enabled     Enabled
Asset Information        
Assets Enabled      
Assets Assignment Enabled Enabled   Enabled
Billing Information        
Billing Setup Enabled      
Billing Assignments Enabled Enabled    
Credit Receivers Enabled      
Bill Rates & Overrides        
Billing Schedules Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
Employee Bill Rate Overrides Enabled     Enabled
Job Bill Rate Overrides Enabled     Enabled
Labor Multipliers Enabled     Enabled
Job Assignment Overrides Enabled     Enabled
Job Billing Title Overrides Enabled     Enabled
Non-Labor Bill Rate Overrides Enabled     Enabled