Oracle Apps – Create user and add responsibility

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User has to be defined in the system to be able to log into oracle applications. Each user should have at least one responsibility assigned and it should not be end dated. User should be not end dated.

Oracle Apps User Creation
Oracle Apps User Creation
  1. Log into ‘System Administrator’ responsibility.
  2. Go to Security-> User-> Define. Open the form
  3. Query for the user id, if not present. Add user by filling following fields:

User Name: Name of the user

Password: This will be initial password

Description:  Description for the created user

Password Expiration: (It is always ‘none’ for support instances)

Effective Dates: from : <current date>

To: <leave this blank unless you want to deactivate user after a specific date>

Oracle Apps User Responsibility
Oracle Apps User Responsibility

4. Go to below section, to add responsibility to user:

Responsibility: List of responsibilities available for the user

Description: Custom description for the added responsibility

From:  Date from when responsibility to be activated

To: <leave this blank unless you want to deactivate this responsibility for that user >